I have created and contributed to many opensource projects. Here is a selected few.

On my portfolio and GitHub profile, you can find more opensource projects.

I created

  • clino is Go package for creating CLI (command-line interface) tools with multiple commands.
  • httpretty is Go package for printing your HTTP requests on the terminal.
  • kubeapply is kubeapply is a microservice for running kubectl apply through a web API.
  • ctxsignal is a Go package that can be used to create contexts cancelable by system signals.
  • climetrics is a software used for gathering diagnostics and metrics data for the WeDeploy CLI tool.
  • lcp (formerly, we) is a CLI for Liferay DXP Cloud and WeDeploy.
  • pseudoterm is a framework I created for running iterative programs programmatically with Go.
    deprecated: use expect or Expect for Go instead.
  • picel is a light-weight RESTful microservice for images. See my undergraduate research project (mirror).
  • require-time is a timer that shows how long a npm package takes to be required by Node.js.
  • ToggleExclude is a plugin to conditionally exclude patterns to allow you to browse code faster in Sublime Text.

I maintained

  • NodeGH is a GitHub CLI tool I have contributed to and maintained in the past.

I forked (highly modified)

I contributed to

  • AlloyUI is a JavaScript GUI framework built on top of YUI3.
  • Senna.js is a SPA engine.