Blog posts

  • On testing Go code using the standard library

    14 minutes to read

    Most programming language ecosystems provide assert functions in their testing libraries but not Go's. Go's standard testing package follows a more direct and to-the-point approach.

  • My new Tesla Model Y 2023

    18 minutes to read

    On December 12th, I took a train to the small city of Tilburg to go to the Tesla Factory to take delivery of my 2023 Tesla Model Y. This post covers some key points about the Tesla Model Y and more.

  • UTF-8 strings with Go: len(s) isn't enough

    10 minutes to read

    In this post, I show you the bare minimum you need to know how to do UTF-8 string manipulation in Go safely.

  • Back to basics: Writing an application using Go and PostgreSQL

    25 minutes to read

    Learn how to use PostgreSQL with the Go programming language using the pgx driver and toolkit in a very productive manner. Furthermore, with the provided source code, you'll be able to learn how to write efficient and sound unit and integration tests, ready to be run locally or on a Continuous Integration environment, such as GitHub Actions.

  • Upgrading to PostgreSQL 14 on FreeBSD 13

    8 minutes to read

    In this blog post, I’ll show how to update PostgreSQL 14 on FreeBSD 13.

  • You don't need UUID

    4 minutes to read

    I've experienced first-hand how using UUID hurts the usability of computer systems, and I want you to understand why you certainly don't need it.

  • Crise das tulipas: Bitcoin é uma péssima idéia

    29 minutes to read

    O mercado de criptomoedas está aquecido. Por anos, o Bitcoin tem crescido O mercado de criptomoedas está aquecido. Por anos, o Bitcoin tem crescido cada vez mais. Pessoas em todo o mundo compram e apostam no crescimento da criptomoeda. No entanto, aqui venho eu e digo que isso tudo é uma grande tolice. Saiba o porquê. Traduzido de:

  • Cryptocurrency Tulipmania: Bitcoin is a shitcoin

    26 minutes to read

    The cryptocurrency market is hot. For years, Bitcoin has been going up and up. People worldwide buy and HODL betting on The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin. Yet, here I come and tell you that it's foolish. Learn why.

  • The ecosystem of the Go programming language

    24 minutes to read

    Go is one of the most prominent general-purpose programming languages nowadays. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Adobe, to name a few, have been using the language extensively. It’s the language of choice behind multiple cloud computing projects such as Kubernetes, and it’s steadily expanding towards numerous areas of software development. In this article, you'll find resources to learn about Go and its ecosystem.

  • My Go mistakes

    11 minutes to read

    In this post, I share mistakes I've made writing Go code for six years since the beginning of my journey with the language.

  • Environment variables, config, secrets, and globals

    9 minutes to read

    Server-side applications are heavily relying on environment variables for holding configuration data, and even credentials like token and password. Is this a good idea?

  • signal.NotifyContext: handling cancelation with Unix signals using context

    3 minutes to read

    Today my first contribution to the Go standard library was merged. It simplifies handling operating system signals in Go for certain common cases.

  • I'm starting an opensource e-commerce project.

    5 minutes to read

    I'm starting an opensource e-commerce project.

  • Counter-Strike code leaked: should you worry? What if your code leaks? Learn how to deliver software securely.

    9 minutes to read

    In this blog post I talk about what it takes to delivery software securely to the general public. Some gamers are worried the leaked CS source code might mean their machines are unprotected. Their concerns are valid, but this shouldn't be something they should worry about if developers do their work right... and I believe Valve is probably doing it right, so no need to panic.

  • Homelab: Intel NUC with the ESXi hypervisor

    19 minutes to read

    In this blog post I tell my experience mounting a minimalist homelab with a Intel NUC and the ESXi hypervisor.

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